Keynote Talks

Scaling Vertical E-Commerce

Jeff Raider

Co-Founder, Harry’s & Warby Parker

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Harry's, Jeff Raider will discuss how the men's grooming brand has pushed vertical integration to disrupt and transform the shaving industry. He will also weigh in on several fundamental elements that have gone into building a brand, including customer experience, product quality, and direct marketing.

Time for Partnerships

Chay Costello

Assistant Director of Merchandising, MoMA Design Store

Drawing on experience gleaned over fifteen years at The Museum of Modern Art’s Design Store, Chay will talk about some surprising changes in how retailers find the best and newest designs and how key partnerships have a growing role in this process. She will also discuss a critical but silent factor in partnerships -- the importance of understanding different perceptions of time in different cultures.

Building a Lifestyle Brand

Kyle Andrew

Senior Vice President of Brand, Kate Spade Saturday

Kyle will talk about how to develop a clear brand vision. Developing a unique and articulated vision for your brand is hard, but essential in order to cut through the noise and stand out. She will take everyone through the key components of a brand vision, providing examples, and then will show how she used these guidelines to develop the vision for her own brand, Kate Spade Saturday.

Scaling a Product Company

Nathan Bond

Co-Founder / Director Of Business Development, Rifle Paper Co.

President and Co-founder of Rifle Paper Co., Nathan will discuss several simple concepts which have proven instrumental in transforming he and his wife's start-up into the fastest growing company in the stationery industry over the past five years. Nathan will provide insights into a few core principles which can help any brand better position itself for future growth.

Growing a Brand Narrative

Vanessa Holden

Executive Vice President of Design, West Elm

Using her experiences building creative visions for influential brands like Martha Stewart and West Elm, Vanessa Holden will explain how to create and grow a compelling brand narrative. She will explain how a brand narrative can clearly communicate purpose, perspective, and personality. Finally, Vanessa will walk us through how that narrative is used to guide product decisions.

Panel Discussions

Creating Product Images

From online sales to PR, great photography provides the opportunity to elevate your business to the next level. As we all know, producing striking imagery is never easy. Creating beautiful work requires time, money, and vision. This panel asks industry experts for their tips & tricks for establishing a style, creating evergreen shots, and evolving your brand through eye-catching images. Whether you're more established or just starting out, we’ll find out what is really needed to get great product photographs.

Abe Burmeister


Erica McCartney


Katie Evans

Art Director
Ivanka Trump

Pop Up Retail

Pop Up shops are cool – but they're a lot of work, expensive to put together, and often don't generate a ton of profit, if they do break even. As we've all noticed though, a lot of well-established brands still put them together. Why is that? Are they good marketing? Are there actual ways to make them lucrative? This panel will ask experts from retail brands why they chose Pop Up retail, the pros and cons, and if they think Pop Ups are still a worthy undertaking.

Ellen Van Der Laan

Creative Director

Michelle Kohanzo

Managing Director
The Land of Nod

Sebastian Kaufmann

Kaufmann Mercantile

In-Depth Workshops

Copywriting and Content Strategy for Product Companies

Nicole Fenton

Author, Nicely Said & Consultant

With so much of our interaction and sales happening online, it’s important to have a site with effective writing. While we can talk about what we do and why our products are exceptional, putting those ideas into friendly marketing copy can be a challenge. In this workshop, content strategist Nicole Fenton will explain how to communicate the value of your products while staying true to the spirit of your company. She’ll also address how to keep your writing honest as you craft product pages and tell your story on the web.

Financing Your Company’s Growth

Every new product, big hire, and fancy office takes money to become a reality. When you are ready to take the plunge and grow your business, you’re faced with a number of options when it comes to finding the necessary resources. This workshop will introduce you to three of the most common ways to fund your growth - equity, debt, and crowd funding. Our experts will take you through each option, give advice on when each is most appropriate, and answer your questions about funding your company’s growth.

Rena Tom

Makeshift Society

David Haber

Bond Street

Micah Rosenbloom

Venture Partner
Founder Collective

Adam Kornfield

Baron Fig

The Expert Lab

One-on-One Office Hours

The Expert Lab is a portion of the conference where each attendee gets a 15 minute one-on-one session with an experienced professional. With areas of expertise including marketing, product development, manufacturing, logistics, collaborations, planning, and much more, our experts offer a level of advice that helps attendees solve real problems they are struggling with.

Ally Van Houten

Brand manager

Arati Sharma

Community Development Manager

Dave Radparvar


Eddie Serrill

VP Business Development
Bond Street

Jay Fanelli

Cotton Bureau

Katie Evans

Art Director
Ivanka Trump

Kristen Wentrcek

Wintercheck Factory

Nathan Bond

Rifle Paper Co.

Rita Mehta

The American Edit

Scott Newlin

Product Design Director

Terrence Kelleman


Thomas Chau


Tracy Kennard

Kennard & Daughters

Zoe Rooney

Zoe Rooney Web Development