The Conference

Nearly Impossible is an event for people who make and sell physical products. The two-day conference will focus on the stories of how companies have tackled their biggest hurdles and the tools we can all use to make even the biggest challenges seem more possible.

November 7 & 8, 2013 | New York City | $295 For Both Days | Register Now!

The Speakers

We've assembled a group of creative people who have devoted their time and energy to producing great physical products. Each speaker will present advice on how to tackle a problem that we are all facing.


The Events

Beyond the main talks, the conference will feature many learning events from a range of knowledgeable makers. Each event is an opportunity to get closer to the people who have found ways to crack even the toughest problems. See a full schedule of events here.

Nearly Impossible 2013
November 7 & 8 | New York City
$295 For both days

The Partners

Our partners have helped keep the event fun, educational, and affordable.
They deserve a round of applause! ♥

The Locations

November 7th

501 Union
Brooklyn, NY
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November 8th

DUMBO Neighborhood
Brooklyn, NY
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The Rest

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A special thanks to all of the people who have lent their time & talent to help make this event possible. The following people have been great supporters from the start: Lauren O'Neill, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Harley Finkelstein, Rachel Shechtman, Amol Sarva, Mike Fortress, and Sawyer Hollenshead.

Nearly impossible is run by Rusty Meadows. If you have any questions about the event, please email us at All information and imagery on this site is © Nearly Impossible 2013.